Becoming a Superb Cosmetologist Is Possible When You Attend Our Interactive Cosmetology Classes

A few of the benefits our school provides:

  • We Have Smaller Class Sizes – This allows you to get more individual attention from instructors who can help guid you and answer questions. At our school, we don’t want our students to feel like just a number. We recognize that people learn differently, and with smaller classes sizes we are able to give each student the time and attention required to be successful.
  • We Are a Family – There is a sense of community and connection here because we foster a positive and helpful environment. Not only are the instructors always there to support you, but so are your peers.
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  • We Have Excellent Instructors – They are dedicated to helping you at each step of your education, providing support and helping you build confidence.
  • You Will Graduate and Pass your Boards! – If you are committed, our team and course content WILL prepare you to become licensed by the Missouri State Board of Cosmetology.

E-mail us or call our cosmetology school today at (816) 532-3334 to set up a time for a tour.