Becoming a Superb Cosmetologist Is Possible When You Attend Our Interactive Cosmetology Classes

Reasons Why You Should Attend:

  • We Have Smaller Class Sizes – This means we spend more time one-on-one with YOU, which in turn allows you to get a better, more rounded education.

  • We Are a Family – At the end of each week, we all come together for “Circle Time.” This gives everyone the ability to speak up regarding positive things they were able to accomplish or what they saw other students do that stood out.

  • We Have Excellent Instructors – They are dedicated to helping you at each step of your education, providing support and helping you build confidence.

  • You Will Graduate and Pass your Boards! – If you are committed, our team and course content WILL prepare you to become licensed by the Missouri State Board of Cosmetology.

E-mail us or call our cosmetology school today at (816) 532-3334 to set up a time for a tour.